MARSC Unsubscribe User web part

The web part MARSC – Unsubscribe User allows a user to unsubscribe from the panel which will disable, anonymise or remove them from the system completely depending on the properties set below. 

In v7.04 there is also the option for the administrator to receive an email whenever a panellist unsubscribes.

Note that in v7.04 the Q_Panel API service must be configured and running.
A page is required in Special Pages which will be displayed if the API service is not running.  The URL for this is: ~/Special-Pages/QPanel-API-Not-Responding.aspx


Is User Authenticated

Indicates if a user must log on to unsubscribe.

Is Password Required

Is a password required to confirm the unsubscribe process.

Unsubscribe Option

Can be set to Anonymise, Delete or Disable panellist.

Navigate To Url

Specifies the URL of the page where users will be redirected on unsubscribing.

The complete URL is not required, the string will be added to the root URL of the website.

Is Administrator Email to be Sent

This property is only available in v7.04.

Indicates whether an email is to be sent to the administrator when a user unsubscribes from the website.

Administrator Email Address

This property is only available in v7.04.

The email address to be notified when a user unsubscribes (only when the above option is checked).  This property must be populated if the above option is checked.