Updating panellist properties using Panel Manager

As well as viewing panellist details by adding columns to the Panel Manager view, you can edit panellist properties. 

One or more panellist records from the current page may be edited at the same time.  Select the required panellists by ticking the checkbox next to their name or select the whole page of panellists by ticking the checkbox in the column header row. 

For this example we will select all panellists on the current page.

Once the required panellists have been selected click on the Properties button in the toolbar.  The Edit Panellist Detail dialog will appear showing the panellists selected to be edited.

The screen is divided into three main sections.

Profile Data

On the left-hand side is the Profile Data section which shows the tree of variables that may be selected from.  The folders may be expanded to find the required variables, or a search may be performed.  The box below shows the columns already selected to be displayed and/or updated.  By default Last Name, First Name and Email Address are selected. 

When additional columns are added, they can be saved so that they will always be displayed when using Panel Manager by ticking the checkbox Save as default column selection.  The default columns apply to a user, so each user can have their own set of default columns.

If you do not tick this box after making changes, the columns will be reset to the previous default values (in our example Last Name, First Name and Email Address) when Edit Panellist Detail is exited.

Once the selection of columns is chosen and the sort order defined using the up and down arrows, click on the Preview button to display the new selection of columns on the right hand side.

Clicking on Preview also saves changes to the default column selection, if the check box is ticked.

The Profile Data section can be hidden by clicking on the Undock button , and can be re-displayed by clicking on the Profile Data bar on the left-hand side of the screen.  Hiding the Profile Data section will stretch the Panellist Detail across the screen.

Panellist Preview

On the top right-hand side is the Panellist Preview area.  It show details of the panellists selected for editing in Panel Manager.  One or more of these panellists must be selected in order to update their details by clicking on the checkbox next to their name.  All panellists can be edited by clicking on the checkbox in the column header.

Update Details

On the bottom right-hand side is the Update Details area. 

The user selects a column to be updated from the dropdown list, enters the new value and clicks on the Update button.  The panellists selected above in the Panellist Preview will be updated.

The Column dropdown list will only show columns selected to be displayed i.e. the columns shown in the Profile Data box and displayed on the Panellist Preview area above.  Not all columns can be updated, some are display only, and these therefore will not appear in the Column dropdown list.

No value checkbox

Some columns also have a no value checkbox which allows the column to be set to NULL (no value).

Editing panellist properties

Example – Update Email Address and Marital Status

As an example, we will update the email address for the panellist Jonathan Baker.  And we will update the marital status for panellists Jean Baker and Joseph Baker.

First we need to select and display the additional column Marital Status in the Panellist Preview area. 

  • Open the Main Profiler folder, select MStat and press the Preview button.  (Alternatively use search to find the variable).

Marital Status has been added to the preview area.

Columns widths can be re-sized by hovering the mouse between column headers and dragging to re-size, but we will hide the Profile Data section by clicking on the Undock button.

  • Select the panellist Jonathan Baker by ticking the checkbox next to his name. 
  • From the Column dropdown box select Email Address, enter the new address jon.baker@abc.com into the New text value field and press Update.

  • Next, select the panellists Jean Baker and Joseph Baker by ticking the checkboxes next to their names. 
  • From the Column dropdown list select Marital Status.  Select the value Divorced for the New code dropdown list and click on the Update button.

The changes made are now shown in the Panellist Preview.

When all changes have been made, return to Panel Manager by clicking on the Close button.

Refreshing filter results after data updated.

After updating panellist profile data the results displayed on Panel Manager can be refreshed by re-executing the filter.  To do this, click on the Filter button in the toolbar.  The filter that was previously run will still be shown.  Press the Execute button and the results will be refreshed.