Setting permissions for the Reports menu v7.04

The security group functions that control access to the Reports menu are as follows:

Allow user to access the Reports menu and to view their own reports Reporting
Allow user to view Sample Report and Replicate Report in Sample Manager Reporting/Report
Allow user to generate new reports from the Reports menu Reporting/New
Allow user to delete their own reports from the Reports menu Reporting/Delete
Allow user to view reports belonging to other users Reporting/ViewAllOwners
Some of the above security functions may also allow users to access other areas of the system.  When setting up security groups, it recommended that you log in as a user with access to the new security group to ensure it has been set up as required.  Functions that the user does not have access to will either be hidden or will display an error message if the user attempts to use them.  If a user is a member of more than one security group they may have access to other functions through the other groups.