Using Q_Survey questionnaires as profilers

Questionnaire Manager is only available in v7.04 of Q_Panel.

Questionnaire Manager allows you to specify the Q_Survey project that contains the profiler questionnaires to be used within Q_Community, and to set various options which define how the questionnaire are displayed and used.

Note that the Security Token setting within Setting Manager must contain a valid API token for the required Q_Survey domain. 

From the Q_Survey menu, select Questionnaire Manager.  If projects have already been added they will be displayed.

Adding a project

Add a new project by clicking on the New button in the menu bar.  A list of Q_Survey projects will appear (only projects with at least one questionnaire will be displayed).

Select the project you require and select OK.

Adding questionnaires

Add the questionnaires by clicking on the +Questionnaire button next to the project.  A list of the questionnaires within this project will appear. 

Select each questionnaire that you would like to be available from the Q_Community website.  You will need to add one at a time (you will notice that once a questionnaire has been added it does not appear in the list again). 

When you add a questionnaire it will be displayed beneath the project.  (You may need to expand the project details using the > button next to the project name).

In the example below, three profiler questionnaires have been added.

Each questionnaire has the following properties:


The questionnaire description retrieved from Q_Survey.  It will be displayed on Q_Community along with the questionnaire name.  This is a read-only field.

Note that the Description is populated when the questionnaire is added to Questionnaire Manager and will not be updated if it is later changed in Q_Survey. Contact QuenchTec support if you require the decription displayed on Q_Community to be updated.

Completion Order

A number which denotes the order that this questionnaire will be presented to the user for completion.  The lowest number will be presented first.  If two or more questionnaires in a project have the same completion order they will be presented at the same time.  When a questionnaire has been completed it will be displayed along with the next questionnaire(s) in ascending order.  When all questionnaires have been completed they will all be displayed using the display order.

If all questionnaires have the default completion order of zero, they will all be presented at the same time.

Display Order

A number which denotes the order that this questionnaire will be displayed (this may not be used until all questionnaires has been completed.  If two or more questionnaires are presented at the same time the display order will be used to determine which one appears first. When all questionnaires have been completed they will all be displayed using the display order.  Questionnaires will be displayed in ascending order.

Expected Interview Length

The number of seconds that a profiler is expected to take to complete. Currently this value is not used anywhere in the system, although the value can be retrieved through the API.

Reward Points

The number of points an individual is awarded for completing the profiler. No points are awarded for updating the profiler at a later date.

Is Activation Survey

Currently this is not used.

Is Published

Only published profilers will be displayed on the Q_Community website. (The questionnaire must also be published in Q_Survey).

To edit the questionnaire properties click on the questionnaire name:

Name and Description are read-only fields but the other fields can be edited as required.

Example: panellists must complete the All About You profiler first.  Once it is completed, the Health and Lifestyle and Hobbies and Interests profilers should be available for completion at the same time.

The following settings could be used to achieve this.  Expected Interview Length and Reward Points have also been added.

Set Profiler

Although more than one project can be added to Questionnaire Manager, only one project can be 'live' on Q_Community.  To set the 'live' project click on the SetProfiler button and select the required project.

The profiler column will now show that this project is selected. 

Published questionnaires from this project will now be available to use on Q_Community.