How to create a mail invitation/reminder

  1. Select the questionnaire you want to work with
  2. Click the ‘Add / Edit Invitation” or “Add / Edit Reminder” button and the editor opens

  3. If you have more than one sample, please select which sample you want to edit/add the invitation/reminder to

The mail editor
Research Studio 6 comes with mail editor with rich text capabilities.

When creating a new email, note the following important steps:

  1. The three fields on top must be filled in:
    • Sender name
    • Sender e-mail address (bounces will be sent to this address)
    • Subject
  2. In the left pane you will see an overview of the variables in the sample you have imported. The values of these fields may also be used to personalize the invitation mail, simply by double-clicking the field name and insert it at appropriate positions in the email.
  3. A mail invitation must have a SurveyLink imbedded.
  4. When finished with the invitation mail, click the “save and exit” button

How to schedule invitations and reminders
Unless specified differently, the mail will be sent when fieldwork begins, or as soon as possible (if current time is within field work period).

You may, however, specify a certain time when the mail should be sent out.

  1. Uncheck “start sending when fieldwork begins”
  2. Specify a date and time
  3. “Close”

When you have created an mail successfully, a check mark for invitation/reminder will be visible in the sample overview.