Enabling advanced print attributes

The long list of print attributes is by default disabled, i.e. not shown for the normal "web-user". In order to activate these:

  1. Go to the advanced tab
  2. Enable Print attributes

  3. An extended list of attributes is now available for this questionnaire from the "options"

How to preview the formatting
You can very easily check your formatting by selecting "Preview – Scan".

  1. If you select from the main menu, you will get a preview of the whole questionnaire.

  2. If you select a section (section view), you will get a preview of only the questions in the section

  3. If you select only one question (question view), you will see only a preview of the selected question

Note: You will only get a preview of a selection of a questionnaire that is valid. Best practice is to validate your questionnaire frequently; in that way it is simpler to find and correct the errors.

Implement and preview logic in paper questionnaires
You can even add logic statements into paper / scan questionnaires, i.e. routing like filters, skip commands or answer control options. Since MI Pro questionnaires are really multi-modal, you can control the logics in two ways

1. Test the logics in a web interview

Even if this is a questionnaire solely intended for paper / scan data collection, you may test the implemented logics as a normal web questionnaire. Simply preview the questionnaire and select "Web". You will then get a preview of the whole questionnaire, but from the drop down list in the upper right corner of the screen, you may skip to the relevant questions.

2. Check the logics in a printed paper questionnaire

You may also create a printed draft version of the questionnaire in either PDF or MS Word. By checking for "Draft" all logics will be shown in the printed questionnaire.