Load contact history for a survey whose sample was not pulled as a sample job

  1. Run a sample job that selects the people who you wish to credit with the reward points

This can be achieved by saving an excel as a CSV file and then use the CSV file as an External file in the sample job. 


Once this is done you can submit/run the sample job.

2Use History Manager  to add in the reward point data

Once the sample job is complete, open the sample job in History Manager. 

A quick way of doing this is to view the sample job (in Sample Manager) and select View History from the Sample Action menu (see screenshot below for an example):

Once in History Manager, you can specify an update of the Contact HIstory for the panellists selected in the sample job as follows (I am referencing the screenshot below):

1 Select a Page Size of 500 at the bottom of the screen. This means that you will have all people (selected in the sample) in the current page.].  If you wanted to update more than 500 people you would need to do this in multiple stages.

2. Check the check box below the Properties icon (on the toolbar) - this means that all panellists on the current page are selected

3. Select/click on the Properties icon - this then opens the Contact History Update form 

Select Outcome Code "Complete" - it may not be 1 in your database ; and set the Reward Points value as appropriate. You can set values in the other boxes, but probably not necessary/needed. Once done click OK.

This submits a job. Once the job has finished running (give it 5 minutes) - all the (max 500) panellists will have been updated with the reward points and the history in the QPanel database will record that these panellists have completed the survey.