With the redirect script you can send respondents from one URL to another.

Redirects commonly take the form of an automated redirect URL with some extra variables, e.g. userid.

Old system - Research Studio: script:redirect_pN (baseurl, N=1-8) 

New system - Survey Design: script:redirect(baseurl,p1,v1)


Old system - Research Studio: This function can have 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 parameters:

New system - Survey Design: There is no need to use the _p1 --> _p8 anymore. script:redirect(baseurl,p1,v1,p2,v2,....)

Where p1 = parameter1 and v1 = value1, etc.


Old system - Research Stdio: script:redirect_p3('','survey','XYZ123')

New system - Survey Design: script:redirect('','survey','XYZ123')

With the new system you can also use the short URL as baseURL. You only need to add extra paremeters if you have extra parameters you want to use. No need to add the qif and qsid paremeters in that case.

This wil result in the following link: ""

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