How to format do and say elements

Within a question-box it is possible to format either interview instructions (do-elements) or supplementary text (say-elements). These can be specified with the following attributes within any text position in a question-box.


Mark the do/say-element. Specify the width of the element. Values are:

  • N.N - Horizontal unit expression, from 0 – 9.9 cm/mm/pt/in. Decimals may be used. For instance, indent=”1.2mm”.
  • column – Use the whole column.
  • content – Use the length of the text elements to find the amount of space to use.


You can specify alignment of BOTH text within an interviewer instruction or supplementary text AND alignment of element itself (say/do-box):

Specify from drop down: left/center/right (left=default for most style sheets)

Specify lowercase / UPPERCASE

For most style sheets UPPERCASE is specified for Interviewer instructions. For Supplementary text it is by default the same as for question text . This can be specified with the attribute Text in uppercase. 

Shade background

Specify a number from 0 to 100, defining the percentage of shading within the say / do element

Keep elements inline

Supplementary texts and Interviewer instructions may be a part of any text-element with no line or no surrounding box. This is specified by the attribute "Keep elements inline"

Examples for the above described attributes for say / do elements: