01 - Creating recruitment and profiling surveys

All recruitment and profiling surveys should be "checked" as "Is Profiler", and the proper Q_Panel database needs to be selected in the Panel dropdown.

You can only have recruitment and profiler surveys for 1 particular panel in each project, however you can of course have multiple projects set up.

  • All interviews should be started with a link that supplies an "altid" parameter
    • For a Recruitment survey, the "altid" parameter should be a unique identifier (typically a GUID) that is used to create the panelist. This is what will be the "ExternalPanellistID" in the panel database and is the identifier to be used by e.g. API's and any other function where you want to uniquely identify the panelist. If one does not have a system for creating such identifiers, typically a GUID should be created and used
    • For Profiling surveys, the "altid" should always be "ExternalPanellistID"
  • Surveys are to be started with a special link as well: https://survey.quenchtec.net/qpr?qif=BaselineID&qsid=QSurveyID&altid=ExternalPanellistID (where "qif", "qsid" and "altid" are required parameters)
  • As soon as a questionnaire is completed, it is placed on a queue, and the relevant data is transferred to Q_Panel, either to create a new panellist, or to update or add profiling data
  • As soon as the data has been transferred, the interview is deleted. No backup or data is kept! The reasons for this is to make it easy to comply with GDPR requirements. In Q_Panel all panellist data can be anonymised and deleted, and special fields can be marked as sensitive. It is then easy to comply to panellist requests about what data you have on file about them, and also it is easy to delete the panellist if they so wish
  • All the data that you want to transfer from the questionnaire to the panel database, must be "tagged" (see screenshot below where you need to add this):
    • There are reserved tag names that are e.g. mandatory when creating a panellist
    • All other tag names should match the existing or desired variable name in Q_Panel. Variable names that exist will be updated, and the ones that does not exist will be created
    • For multiple and single choice questions, the "tag" must be on the "sub-question" element (not the question element)
    • For all other types, like openended text, numeric and grids, the "tag" must be on the row
    • Questions that are not "tagged" will not be transferred. Such questions can typically be used for logic
    • There can only be one sub-question in a tagged question hence if you have more sub-questions, these must be “transferred” and auto-filled into new questions / sub-questions in order to be tagged correctly

Please note

For Multi and Response questions there is a different default order for QPanel as for QSurvey.

In QPanel the answers start at position 0, in QSurvey this is position 1.

Best to start in QSurvey also with position 0 to prevent any mismatches.

For a recruitment questionnaires there are a number of required and reserved tag names that must be used.

Special Column Name Triple-S Variable
Data Type
Max. Size Description Q_Survey
Question Tag
Question Type
email character 255 The Triple-S variable name storing the panellist's email address QT_ProfilerEmail Open
firstName character 50 The Triple-S variable name storing the panellist's first name QT_ProfilerFirstName Open
lastName character 50 The Triple-S variable name storing the panellist's last name QT_ProfilerLastName Open
loginName character 255 The Triple-S variable name storing the panellist's login name QT_ProfilerLoginName Open
password character 64 The Triple-S variable name storing the panellist's password QT_ProfilerPassword Open

To allow panellists to be created in Kentico (e.g. Recruitment questionnaire) the panellist's email address and / or first name & last name must be supplied as well as the password. The Q_Survey question identifiers are required (case insensitive) and these questions must be of type single or multi.

In order to create "Date" or "Boolean" (logical) variables in the panel database, the following suffix should be appended to the tags:

  •  Boolean: ”_profilerlogical” should be appended to the tag-name (see screenshot below). Such a question should have 2 rows. Yes/No. If the first row has been answered, the variable will be set as "True", if not answered or if row two has been selected, "False" is stored.
    E.g tag="carflag_profilerlogical" will address a panel variable called "carflag"
  • Date: ”_profilerdate”  should be added to the "row" tag name on a numeric or open-text row. Such variables will be converted to a date variable in Q_Panel.
    E.g. tag="created_date_profilerdate" will address a date variable called "created_date". Date variables should be in the format "YYYYMMDD".

When you have created or changed your profiler survey make sure to "publish" your survey and check if this has run correctly.

In the project folder click on "Profiler Info", you see the status and messages.