03 - Inviting panellists to profiling surveys from Q_Panel

First the profiling surveys should be set up correctly in Q_Survey, including the proper tagging. The standard link to start a survey can't be used, so you have to edit the invitation in Q_Panel to use the "qpr" style link. There are now two important parameters to consider:

1) The "ExternalPanelistID", this was created when the panellist was created, and must be passed in as the "altid" parameter in the link.

2) The "Email Response ID", this is a unique identifier for this particular respondent for this particular sample/survey. This is usually sent as the "altid" parameter in "normal" surveys, but since the "ExternalPanelistID" must be used as the "altid" parameter for profiling surveys, this parameter must be sent as a different one. E.g. as "rid". It is this identifier that should be used for back feed processing, e,g, to reward points.

A sample link in the invitation should then look like:


The QuestionnaireURL should be set as:

https://survey.quenchtec.net/qpr?qif=[insert valid baselineid here]&qsid=[insert valid qsid here]

The "baselineid" and the "qsid", you can find in the "normal" link to the survey that you get in Q_Survey.