Count Answers

For example we have a grid question with three rows and two columns.

We want to count how many people have answered column1.

Create a subquestion where we autopunch the column1 answers.

In here we have a filter: \.a.1:3=1

This means for subquestion 1 (a) for the rows 1 to 3 (1:3) the first response is answered (1)

In the Answer Contol we autopunch each of the selected row that has answer 1.

With sys_range e we can see show this question (with sys_range c you hide this question).

Now we want to count the answers from this subquestion b.

Create a numeric question:

In here we have a filter to get only the aswers selected from the subquestion from Q2 (this means Q2.b)

In the answer control we use the script called multiAnswerCount

In the answer option we automatically fill in the number of counts.