Suppress focus on first "input" element

The default behavior of a browser is to place the focus (cursor) on the first so-called "input" element.  This can be the first radio button, checkbox, open text or numeric field, or in the case of just an info page, the "Next" button at the very bottom. This element will also scroll into view.

Some times this creates unwanted behavior. E.g if the first input is far done the page, it will scroll down to this location, meaning that the user will "miss" the first part of the screen, without scrolling up. Sometimes also one does not want to cause "bias" to the first choice.

To prevent this behavior and not set any element in focus you can add a script function to the question or info element. Create a HTML element and add the following code:

function pageReady() {
   focusFirstInputOnLoad = false;

Remember that you can only have ONE pageReady function on a page, so if you have other special functionality tied to a pageReady function, you need to add just the " focusFirstInputOnLoad = false;" to the function you already have.

If you want this behavior for all pages/questions, you can create a JavaScript file that you refer to in the Settings dialog, where you can use a function called " globalPageReady()". Anything you program in this function will be executed on every page.

There is an example in the "HelpDesk Projects" under "Interesting Examples" called "Suppress focus".