Clean and Define - Weight Operations

A weight operation contains one or many weight set definitions. The syntax is equal to the syntax used in Superdig weighting documents.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <wset id="GenRegAge" pop="3547" decimals="0">
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=1&\3.A=1" pop="148" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=1&\3.A=2" pop="282" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=2&\3.A=1" pop="73" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=2&\3.A=2" pop="120" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=3&\3.A=1" pop="38" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=3&\3.A=2" pop="65" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=4&\3.A=1" pop="26" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1&\2.A=4&\3.A=2" pop="45" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=1&\3.A=1" pop="144" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=1&\3.A=2" pop="275" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=2&\3.A=1" pop="69" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=2&\3.A=2" pop="113" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=3&\3.A=1" pop="37" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=3&\3.A=2" pop="60" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=4&\3.A=1" pop="24" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2&\2.A=4&\3.A=2" pop="42" />
   <wset id="TwoRims" pop="R" decimals="0">
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=1" pop="49" />
         <rimcell expr="\1.A=2" pop="51" />
         <rimcell expr="\2.A=1" pop="73" />
         <rimcell expr="\2.A=2" pop="120" />
         <rimcell expr="\2.A=3" pop="38" />
         <rimcell expr="\2.A=4" pop="65" />