Introduction - First Steps

To access the admin site you will have to login with your username and password.

Login to domain, ie.

Once logged in, you have the main categories on the topbar.

Users and Members

In the "Users" section you can create extra users. Depended on the permissions those users can view or edit anything on your site.

The member section is not needed for any panelmember activity. All panel information and also all panel modifications will be done through QPanel.


In the "Contents" section you will find your current pages.

When you click on a page, you can edit the content and attributes of that particular page.

When you select the page you can click on the three dots, now you can click on "Do something else" which appears in the bottom right corner.

Now you have extra options to edit this page. For example to copy or move the page. But also changing the access to it.

You can also access these settings when you are at the page itself. In the top right corner these is a drodown menu "Options".

To add new content to an existing page. Click first on the page where you want to add something new. And add a new row where you want the new content to be added. You first decide the layout of this new content. For example adding two new items next to each other.

You can now add your content to this new row.

You have different options what type of content to add.

For example - select a picture;

Now you can click again on this picture component to actually select the image you want to insert.

You can now upload an image or select an existing image from your own "Media archive".

(You can upload imagesor videos to the Media archive section which is also accesible on the top menu)

Macros - QPanel information

To add in specific information from your panel, you need to add in "Macros".

These Macros can be found at "Settings". There is no need to change something in these macros. If you request something different or an adjustment in a macro, please contact us.

To add a macro in your page. Just select "Macro" when you "Add content".

If you want to show an image for the rewards. The system is looking for the information from QPanel (Reward Manager).

To show an image you paste in here the URL from the image.

First upload your reward images to the "Media archive".

Click on the image to see the URL reference to that image.

Copy this URL and paste this into the Reward in QPanel.

Other settings

You can add an additional language to your site. In Settings there is a category "Language".

More functionality and options can be installed in "Packages".

To add a contact form or any other form that you want to add to your page can be done in "Forms".


To change the attributes of a page. 

Click on "Settings" and select the type of document you want to change.

To change the design you select the Templates and the type/ node of layout you want to change.

This requires some basic technical knowledge about HTML.

A good starting point how to use Umbraco Templates can be found at: