Partial Views

To show QuenchTec Panel information from a panelmember in your content you first need to create a view.

That particular view can then be added to your content.

First edit or create a new partial view in:

In Settings --> Partial Views --> QuenchTec

In the example below we create a new DemoDetails.cshtml in "GetDetails".

Click on the three dots ... next to "GetDetails".

To create a new partial view click on "New tom partial view"

Just provide a name in the "NAME" field and press ENTER

You will see it automatically adds the extension .cshtml to the name.

Now we can edit this file. You can create it from scratch or probably easier copy the basics from another existing file.

In this example let us copy the code from NameDetails.cshtml

Open this NameDetail file and select all the code and copy.

Move back to the your new DemoDetails.cshtml and paste it in (make sure to remove that first line that was created by default - the @inherits ....) .

 You can change this file to your own design and content you need.

To add this partial view in your content - go to your page where you want to add this.

In the example below we add this partial view in the page "About Page 2"

At the end of the page we will add a new "FullWidth" row.

And now you can "Add content"

 Select the Macro

And select the main category - in this example the  "QT Panellists Get Details" 

Now you can type in your new created partial view:

The Partial View is now added to your page. It might look there is an error but that's not the case.

Because you do this as the Administrator you don't see the details of Administrator

The best way to test this, is to login as a panelmember.

Make sure to do this in a different browser. In that case you can stay logged in as Administrator of your site as well.

More official information about partial views can be found at the Umbraco documentation: