How to use range to ensure the quality of collected data - example 1

It cannot be overemphasized enough that the range and verify attributes are critical for ensuring quality data.


You have the following question: “What was your income last month?” These are the following assumptions you will use:

  • Question type will be numeric.
  • A quantitative variable with a length of 5 digits would allow an income of $ 99,999.
  • Some respondents would not want to divulge their income. Hence, no answer IS allowed, hence the range no answer should be included (-).
  • Let us say that nobody makes more than $ 10,000. Range = 0:10000.
  1. Open the answer control interface by clicking the answer control icon
  2. Specify the range control (From – to) The programmed logic will appear below

  3. in the “Programmed logic”, e.g. \Q1 (only the answers given in Question number 1)
  4. Add “no answer allowed” in addition (-). Use paranthesis and the pipe symbol (OR)
  5. The expression should then be as shown below:
    • “No answer” OR “Any answer between 0 and 10000” (dollars) are allowed

Alternative syntax for the answer control

“No answer” OR “Any answer between 0 and 10000” (dollars) are allowed (semicolon is used to add together allowable answers over discontinuous ranges