How to set a filter on a row

You can set a filter on a row to limit responses to a particular question.  You may not want to include a choice that is not suitable to a particular respondent based on their response to an earlier question. In other words, “Don’t ask this question in this row”.

[Q3] is a question about age (answers are less than 18 years, 18-39 years, and 40+ years).

[Q4] is a question about drinks, “What is your opinion of the following drinks?” Rows are soda, coffee and vodka. The answers are “Like”, “Don’t like”. “Vodka” should NOT be asked to persons less than 18 years. In other words, you need to set a filter in the row under “Vodka”.  The way to do this is:

  1. Select the row(s) to filter
  2. In options, select logic, then filter:
  3. Open the filter builder and create the filter: \Q3=2:3.
  4. OK
  5. Note: The “filtera” (with suffix A) refers to the sub-question A, hence if you have more than 1 sub-question, there will also be a filterb, etc.. present. This means that a filter will be applied to a specific row in a specific sub-question. The filter (only, without any sub question letter suffix) expression, applies to ALL the rows in all sub-questions of type grid and numeric.