How to set a filter to synchronize rows in two or more sub questions

To achieve one of the most powerful filter statements you can use the synchronous statement using the percentage sign (%). You can set a filter to synchronize rows (answers) in two or more related sub questions, say:

Sub Question A (.a) = Awareness (multi answer question).

Sub Question B (.b) = Opinion (single answer grid)


A question about cars has two sub questions relating to car brands:

Sub Question A (.a) – Which of the following brands (car brands) are you familiar with?

Sub Question B (.b) – What is you impression of the different car brands?

Sub Question A presents a list of different brand that the respondent is familiar with.

Sub Question B asks for the respondent’s impression of the same brands selected in Sub Question A.

The same brands can be listed for both Sub Question A and Sub Question B. The way to synchronize this is to enter the filter: \Label1.a=% (or since this is in the same question, simply \.a=% is enough). The % sign indicates that this is a synchronized row. After you have entered the filter, you can view this in Structure view.


So, to set a filter to synchronize rows (using %)

  1. Select the Question element that contains sub questions that have rows that you want to synchronize. The element is highlighted.
  2. Select Sub Question 2 (in syntax, sub question 2 = sub question b) from the filter builder
  1. Select the question you want to use in the filter expression. Then select: Synchronous
  2. You may also write directly (in the Programmed logic window) : \car.a=% (or simple \.a=%) to synchronize the brands named in Sub Question A with Sub Question B..
  3. Click OK when done. The rows in Sub Question B are synchronized with the rows in Sub Question A.