Sample Projects

Sample projects are created within a prototype, from which they inherit their initial data.

Sample Project Tabs - overview

Sample project details are arranged on eight tabs under the toolbar:

Parameters Basic items such as title, date and the number of target interviews.
Define the dimensions and their elements and targets for the target matrix and the calculation algorithm (interlocking etc.)
Access the Targets/Results screen to display and edit quota cells and view sample results.
Filters Define activity and profile filters for the sample project.
Activity filters relate to the contact history of the panellists e.g. sample projects completed or currently selected for.
Profile filters relate to personal data e.g. gender, age, region.
External Supply an external file of panellists with include/exclude rules.
Output Select the columns to be output and the format of the file.
Notification Select recipients for automated email circulation of results and log files.
Metadata User-definable fields maintained at prototype or sample project level.
Properties Sample project information fields; sample prioritisation.
Replicates Specify the number of replicate batches required and the percentage of sample records to be added to each. 
Notice the asterisk (*) on the Parameters tab.  As soon as a change is made on that tab an asterisk appears to remind you that that an un-Saved change exists.

Save your work regularly using the Save function in the toolbar. If you leave a sample project without saving it you will lose all changes.

Navigating between Prototype and Samples

A sample project always belongs to the prototype from which it was created. 

When viewing a sample, the user bar shows which prototype the sample belongs to and contains a clickable link which will open up the prototype definition.  There is also a Samples link which will open up the samples list screen for the prototype.

In the example below the sample belongs to the Auto prototype.  Click on the underlined Auto link in the user bar to open up the Auto prototype definition.  Alternatively click on the underlined Samples link to open up the Sample List screen for the Auto prototype which will show all the samples in that prototype.

Copy a sample project

Click the prototype you want to use, select the sample project you want to copy and select Copy from the Sample Action dropdown menu in the toolbar.

The Sample Copy – Prototype selection dialog will appear.  By default, the new copied sample will be created within the same prototype, just click on OK.  You can select a different prototype by using the search options in the dialog to find the prototype you wish to copy to.

You can search by date and/or by a partial text match on the Prototype Name.  Select the required prototype and click OK.

The new sample project will be created in the required prototype and opened ready for editing.  You must enter a new, unique Title for it.

Metadata which have been set at sample project level with a Custom Validation of UniqueValue will also enforce new unique entries.