Sample Manager Targets/Results

The Targets/Results button on the Parameters tab provides a view of the dimensions and results as follows:

  • If the Type is Interlocking, it lists all the cells of the target matrix (every combination of dimensional elements) and their quota values.
  • If the Type is Non-Interlocking, it lists the (non-interlocked) dimensional elements.

Additionally if the sample project has been submitted to the Job Queue you can display the results in this listing.

Example 1: Interlocked, not submitted

Quotas for the cells of the target matrix are calculated automatically.

For example, if we add Age and Gender to the sample, using the default of Interlocking, the Target/Results screen looks like this:

The cells of the target matrix are listed. The dimensions (in this case Gender x Age x Annual Salary) are shown as columns with their titles across the top.  Every element combination (cell) is listed and the corresponding calculated quota shown in the Quota column.

You can edit the absolute values that Sample Manager has calculated for each quota cell and save your changes.  You can also use the Paste Targets button to paste values into the quota cells.  Before pasting, targets should first be copied to the clipboard from excel or a text file.

Note that when using a browser other than Internet Explorer, an intermediate Paste Clipboard Data dialog will appear into which the values should be pasted before being copied to the Targets/Results screen.  This is due to restricted clipboard access on browsers with specific security features.

When you save manual changes to quotas, Sample Manager updates the target interviews and calculated target on the parameters tab to match.

Example 2: Non-interlocked, after submission

Because it is non-interlocked the dimensions and their elements are listed.  Once the sample has been submitted, you can chose to Show post run data by ticking the checkbox, and select the columns of interest by clicking on the Columns button. 

For example, in the training database the Music Survey sample under the Lifestyle prototype uses non-interlocked dimensions.  When the Show post run data checkbox is ticked, the Target/Results screen looks like this:

The screen displays similar content to the sample report.

In this example you can see that the sample project specification was met in full because the SA (Sample Achieved) column is equal to the TV (Target Value) column.

For an explanation of the columns codes please see the Sample Reports article.


The Refresh button provides the latest outcome code data from the survey in the field. It allows you to monitor how the job is progressing.

Example 3: Non-Interlocked with combined dimensions, after submission

Because it is non-interlocked the dimensions and their elements are listed.  In this example, one of the dimensions is combined (Gender x MStat) so acts like an interlocked dimension.

Example 4: Interlocked, Overlap Ordered, before submission

In this example, the overlap is specified as Ordered.  When the Target/Results screen is viewed there is a checkbox called Show Quota Overlap Order.  When ticked, an additional column is displayed which initially shows the default overlap order which corresponds to the order of the dimension elements.

Change the overlap order as required and click on Save.  When the report is submitted with output, the overlap order will be used in the event of a panellist qualifying for more than one quota cell.


If the sample uses replicates, the Targets/Results screen will have an additional tab with information about the replicates.  See the Replicates article for more information.