Using project filters

You may want to save some of the more complex filters you have defined for use in later prototypes or samples.  They can be saved as Project Filters using the Save As button.

Select the filter you wish to save by ticking the checkbox next to its name, then select the Save As button. 

You must give the filter a name.  Ideally the name should describe the filter.

Click OK to save the project filter.

To use a project filter in a prototype or sample click on the Add Named button and select the required filter.

Click on OK to add it to the sample.

Once saved, project filters can be defined as default and/or read-only using Project Filter Manager.

  • a project filter defined as default will be added to all new samples by default
  • a project filter defined as read-only cannot be removed from a sample or prototype once it has been added to it

If you want to ensure that every sample uses a specific filter, both the default and read-only option can be applied.


If the Max 2 Interviews in 3 Months filter is defined as both default and read-only, it will appear as follows when a new sample is created:

Note that Project Filters cannot be used in Panel Manager or in the CrossTab tool.