Sample Manager Properties

In Sample Manager, the properties tab contains further sample project information which can be added at either prototype or sample level.

       Click the properties tab and make your selections from the dropdown lists:

Sample selection prioritisation

Random (no prioritisation)

By default, sample is selected randomly for each cell as long as there are more qualifying panellists available than cell quota. If this is not the case Q_Panel selects all the panellists available.

Q_Panel selects random sample for a quota cell as follows:

  • Each person qualifying for the quota cell is allocated a random value at the time the sample project job is run
  • The random values are system-generated and guaranteed to be random and different each time
  • The list is sorted on the random value
  • The first n people (where n is the volume of sample required in the quota cell) are selected

Your organisation may want to introduce an element of prioritisation of panellists. For example: you may want to give priority to those panellists who have not had many invites recently. A random selection can cause some panellists to be selected more than others with the same or similar profiles.

If prioritisation is implemented, your database administrator will have set up the list of prioritisation options. If your required options have not been set up please contact the QuenchTec support team.

Prioritisation options are based on the Filter Count of an Activity Filter for example:

  • Number of invites in last 4 weeks
  • Number of surveys completed in last 2 months

These can be set in ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) mode. If ASC is used the selection will use the Filter Count in ascending order.

For example: selecting the prioritisation Number invites -1 month (ASC) means that panellists with an invite count of zero will be selected first followed by those with a count of 1 and so on. In other words the panellists with the fewest invites have the highest priority.

Descending mode results in the opposite priority.

Project Type, Client, and Project Manager

Project Type is configurable for whatever sample project categorization you choose.  It can be set up to indicate interview duration e.g. short, long, or a study with a special frequency such as ad hoc, event driven or annual customer satisfaction survey.

Select the appropriate client name from the Client dropdown list.

You can nominate an internal Project Manager. They are likely to be associated with the Client but not necessarily.

These dropdown lists are maintained using the Maintenance menu functions Project Type Manager, Client Manager and Project Manager.

Questionnaire URL

This is a text field for storing a reference to an online questionnaire. It is available as a merge field when sending email invitations.  (It can be found in the Sample Merge Fields folder - QuestionnaireURL or QuestionnaireURL- encoded).

If using Q_Community, this URL may be displayed when the panellist views the surveys they have been invited to allowing them to navigate directly to the survey from the Q_Community website.

Q_Survey Questionnaire

This field is only available in v7.04.

If a Q_Survey questionnaire is associated with this sample it is shown here.  It is available as a merge field when sending email invitations.  (It can be found in the Sample Merge Fields folder - QSurveyQuestionnaireURL or QSurveyQuestionnaireURL- encoded.  The external panellist id and the survey id are automatically added when an email containing this merge field is sent).

Click on Select to see a list of Q_Survey questionnaires.  Click on Remove to remove the selected questionnaire.

Only ‘active’ questionnaires will be available for selection (i.e. they must be Published and Data Collection enabled).

Note that the Security Token setting within Setting Manager must contain a valid API token for the required Q_Survey domain. 

Reward Points

This defines the number of points an individual is awarded for a completed interview. Alternatively, reward points values can be returned using outcome codes.

Enforced Quarantine

This defines the number of days that an individual is not selected for sample after having completed an interview.

When a panellist completes an interview Q_Panel updates the panellist’s Don’t Contact Before Date with the Project Date + Quarantine.

Expected Interview Length

This defines the number of seconds that an interview is expected to take to complete. When a panellist completes an interview the start and end time will be used to calculate the actual interview length which can then be compared with the expected interview length.


This field is only available in v7.04.

This field displays the unique id for the sample.  If you need to contact Quenchtec support about a problem with a sample, it can be helpful to quote this id.