Project Type Manager

This is used for maintaining the sample project types on the Project Type dropdown list in the sample project properties tab.

From the Maintenance menu, select Project Type Manager.  If there are already project types set up they will be listed.  To edit an existing project type, select the project type either by clicking on its name, or by checking the box next to its name and then selecting Properties from the toolbar.  The properties of the project type will be displayed and changes can be made to the fields.

To add a new project type click on New in the toolbar, and enter the properties of the new project type.

Project types may be deleted using Project Type Manager, but are not permanently removed from the database.  A deleted project type will not appear in the Project Type dropdown list on the sample project properties tab.

To delete a project type, select it by clicking on the checkbox next to the name, then click on Delete in the toolbar.

View deleted project types by clicking the Show Deleted checkbox.  Project types that have been deleted can be made available again using the Undo Delete button in the toolbar.