Using replicates with sample manager

Output files can be split into separate batches.  The quota will be split evenly throughout the batches.  The replicates tab allows the user to specify the number of replicate batches required and the percentage of samples records to be added to each.

Sample mailings can be based on replicate batches.

Note that this only applies to output produced by the Q_Panel Job Queue.  Output produced using the Sample Action/Output option will be generated in one file.

By default, the output will be produced in one file.

Change the number of replicates required to three.

The percentages are calculated automatically, and are evenly distributed over all the replicates.  This can be changed if required.


If a sample has more than one replicate samples specified, the Targets/Results screen on the Parameters tab will contain a new tab with information about the contents of each replicate batch.  The sample must be submitted before the replicates report can be generated.

You may need to use the scroll bars to see all the replicate data. 

Select the columns of interest by ticking or unticking the column checkboxes on the left and clicking the Refresh button to update the report.  In this example, the Target Value ( TV), Sample Achieved (SA) for all three replicates (R1, R2, R3) are displayed.

For an explanation of the columns codes see Sample Reports article.

Once the sample has been submitted this information is also available as a replicate report.  If notification is set, with Send Success Email and Attach report files ticked, the replicates report will also be attached to the email.