Customising contact history display columns

The columns displayed when viewing contact history in History Manager can be customised using the Columns button on the toolbar.

Select the Columns button to see the Manage Display Columns dialog.

The Variables box on the left shows the folders of variables that may be used as display columns.  The Sort Order box on the right shows the columns already displayed.

The variables that are available for use as columns in History Manager are defined in Hierarchy Manager, which can be found within the Maintenance menu.  In order to be available within History Manager, each variable must have the ‘Allowed in History manager’ checkbox ticked.
Adding columns

We may also want to display the system variable Is Complete as a column.  To add this variable we will perform a variable search by entering the text ‘complete’ in the search field and clicking on Search.  (You could also navigate to the variable by expanding folders, if you know where to find it).

The system variable Is Complete shows whether the outcome is Complete Responded or not.  (This variable may need to be added to an appropriate folder using Hierarchy Manager before it can be made available in History Manager).

Select the variable Is Complete.

It will appear at the bottom of the Sort Order box.

Changing column order

We want to move the Is Complete column so that it is displayed before the First Name.  Do this by clicking on the Is Complete column within the Sort Order box and moving it up using the arrow buttons.

Removing columns

To remove a display column select the column within the Sort Order box and click on the delete button (X).  Alternatively, you could navigate to the variable within the Variables hierarchy and de-select it.

For example, remove the Response Id column as follows:

Default column selection

Finally, to preserve these changes for the next time History Manager is used, tick the checkbox Save as default column selection.  The default columns apply to a user, so each user can have their own set of default columns.

If you do not tick this box after making changes, the columns will be reset to the previous default values when History Manager is exited.

Click OK to save the changes and return to History Manager.  The results will be re-displayed using the new column selection and ordering.