Import mailing

Once a data file has been processed by Data Import, the email addresses associated with the imported panellists can be used to send out emails welcoming them to the panel or informing them how they can complete the registration process.

Sending import emails is very similar to sending sample emails, this article highlights the differences for import mailings.

Select the required import file by clicking on the checkbox next to its name and then click on Mailing from the toolbar.  The Import Mailing editor will appear.  This looks similar to the Sample Email Editor, but there are a few differences.


The filtering tab allows you to filter the mailing by Import Action.  The user can select from Only Inserted Customers, Only Updated Customers or All Imported Customers.

By default emails are sent to All Imported Customers.

Merge fields

As for sample mailings, import mailings may use merge fields embedded in the subject, email body or hyperlink, however these are restricted to the folders Profile Merge Fields and Community Merge Fields (if the installation uses Q_Community).


An email event will be generated for each email sent, but you cannot specify an outcome code for import emails.