Backfeed Manager

This is used for monitoring the backfeed processing, and for manually submitting backfeed files.

Backfeed interface

When Q_Panel is implemented a set of outcome codes are defined which represent the range of possible statuses and outcomes of the survey process. When panellists reach these outcomes this information needs to be extracted from the interviewing system and uploaded to Q_Panel. Q_Panel can then show you the progress of your sample project. Longer-term, by updating its contact history, it can help make best use of your panellists.

Outcome codes (and other data relating to the contact history) are updated by adding backfeed records to the queue of backfeed records awaiting processing by the Q_Panel Backfeed service.  Backfeed records can be submitted manually, but in larger installations the backfeed process may be automated using the Q_Panel Data Import service, the Backfeed URL and/or Backfeed API.

The Q_Panel Backfeed service runs periodically in the background as part of your installation.  Each time it runs it processes the backfeed records that have been submitted through the various interfaces, including manually through Backfeed Manager.  The Backfeed Manager screen will be updated to show the date and time that each batch of records was processed.

Response times will depend partly on what other jobs are being processed at the time and on how often the Backfeed service is scheduled to run.

Uploading a backfeed file manually

To load a backfeed file click New on the Backfeed Manager toolbar:

The Time Zone Offset field allows you to specify the difference in time zone of the data in the backfeed file from the installed system. The default value of 0 effectively sets the time zone of the backfeed data to be the same as that of the installed system.

Use the Browse button to select the backfeed file on your PC and click Open to save the file. Click Add to put the filename on to the selection list. You can add as many files to the list in this way as you wish:

Click Submit to add the file to the backfeed processing:

The Summary dialog Results area shows you how many of the panellist UniqueRef’s or Email Response ID’s were valid and how many files loaded or failed to load.

The Exceptions area lists files which failed to load with a Description of the error.

The Invalid References area Download button opens a new browser tab with a list of the references that were rejected, for example:

Quit the browser tab to return to the Summary dialog. Click Close.