Culture Manager

Culture Manager is required when you are using Q_Community profilers in languages other than English (system default).

If you need to support a new language variation on your profiler then open Culture Manager and click New to view the New Culture dialog:

Select the new language (in this case, French) from the dropdown list. Click OK to create this language option.

This language option may now be used to localise question and answer text using Question Group Manager.

Cultures may be deleted using Culture Manager, but are not permanently removed from the database.  A deleted culture will not appear in the list of cultures when localising profilers and variables for use in Q_Community.

To delete a culture, select it by clicking on the checkbox next to the culture name, then click on Delete in the toolbar.

View deleted cultures by clicking the Show Deleted checkbox.  Cultures that have been deleted can be made available again using the Undo Delete button in the toolbar.