Question Group Manager

Question Manager allows you to set up alternate texts when you are using Q_Community profilers in languages other than English (system default).

Open Question Group Manager and select a question group:

Click the Localisation button to get the Question Group Localisation dialog:

Start by selecting Add/Remove Cultures from the Culture dropdown list.

This brings up the Manage Question Group Cultures dialog:

Select the new culture required, e.g. French - France and click the right arrow to move it to the Cultures assigned box. (The cultures must already have been added using Culture Manager).

Click OK to return to the Question Group Localisation dialog where you can now select French - France from the Culture dropdown list.

In the navigation pane click on Questions and then click on Properties in the toolbar.  The view changes to the following:

You can now enter your localised texts for the questions in the online questionnaire.

Click Save to save your changes.

Now click Question Codes in the navigation pane, scroll down to the SundayNewspapersRead section and click Properties in the toolbar to get:

Here you can enter your localised answer text.  Click on Save to save the changes.