Exporting panellist data using Panel Manager

Panel Manager allows the contents of the panel manager display to be exported to a comma-separated file (.csv).  The file exported will contain all the panellists in the group, and include all the columns that are selected for display.  The exported file will also include a row containing column headers.

Exporting panellist data is a group action, please ensure that the group contains all the panellists you want export.

Select one or more panellists to be exported by executing a suitable filter and, if necessary, removing or adding panellists to the group. Click on the Columns button to add or remove display columns.

When you are happy with the selection, check that the In Group and NOT In Group counts show the expected numbers.  Page through the filter results to check you have selected the correct panellists (shown in blue) before clicking on Export from the Group Action toolbar.

The following message will popup, allowing you to open and/or save the results to the required location.