How to use comments when developing questionnaires

During questionnaire development it is possible to add comments to the questionnaire and individual questions. This allows for all communication about the questionnaire to be visible within the questionnaire editing window.

  • add comments while working on the questionnaire from the questionnaire editor
  • send a link to external partners/clients allowing them to add comments to the questionnaire

Managing comments within the Questionnaire editor

To open the comments window click on the Comments icon on the home menu bar.

The comments window is then displayed:

Adding a comment to a question

Select the question, type your comment into the comment box and click Add

The comment is added to the question with the user information and a time stamp.

Once a comment has been added, a comment icon can be seen next to the question in the question list.

Adding general comments

To add a general comment to the questionnaire, click Goto Questionnaire Overview and then add a comment.

Refreshing comments

To update the questionnaire editor to show the latest comments for a questionnaire, click the refresh button on the comments window.

Creating an external web link for external partners/clients

Save and exit your questionnaire.  Click on the External icon on the menu bar.

Click on ‘Generate Web preview link’

A new window pops up and you can now copy the link and send it to external partners/clients.