Using referrals

Panellists can refer a friend to the panel, and gain reward points for doing so.

The panellist must enter their friends name and email address.  The friend will be sent an email inviting them to join the panel.  The email will contain a link to the Q_Community registration page.  Once the friend has clicked on this link and completed the registration/membership process they will become a member of the panel.  At this point, the referring panellist may receive reward points for the successful referral.  These reward points can be set up using Setting Manager.

A limit to the number of referrals a panellist can make within a given time-period can also be set using Setting Manager.

Referrals made by a panellist can be displayed on Q_Community using the My Referrals web part.  This will show the details of the friend, the date they were referred and the date they registered/completed full membership.

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